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container port Our mission is to ensure that each and every client is our best advertisement because of the professional way that we handled their cargo. Our founder Spiro Jankovich has had extensive exposure and training in the area of sea cargo transportation, logistics, and management. Starting in the 1960's when containerization came to the fore he has worked with forwarding companies, steamship agencies as manager in various capacities and has overseen many other aspects of the sea cargo shipping business. Shipping cargo worldwide for so long has allowed us to be one of the best in our industry. Check out our online cargo shipping quote section for a customized estimate of your shipment.

Background & History

Spiro Jankovich was born in present day Montenegro and came to the US at the age of eight. Spiro's father, grandfather, great-grandfather and many family members have been ship owners and ship captains since the 1600s. They sailed the entire globe their sailing vessels carrying various cargos from grain to general cargo. He has many maritime artifacts that have been passed down, such as old vessel logs, telegrams, and pictures of some of the vessels.


We are a unique and multifaceted cargo shipping company and can offer you not only full transportation, logistic services but can also offer you assistance in the purchase of heavy equipment, autos, and trucks. From CAT wheel loaders to classic autos and much more. We know the best cargo shipping lines, thus bringing your international shipment cost to a bare minimum. PLEASE ASK US ABOUT THIS SERVICE.

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